From: 840.00 Kn


1 – 2 /  1400,00 kn / 185,81 Eur

3 – 4 /    1090,00 kn / 144,67 Eur

5 – 7 /    840,00 kn /  111,49 Eur

Possibility of operating  tour for larger groups on request.

  • PRICE INCLUDES: transfer with comfortable mini-van, guide, sightseeing tour of Pag, entrance ticket to the Salt Museum,  entrance ticket to the Lace Museum, ingredients for lunch preparation, short cooking lesson, half-day space rental (konoba), insurance, VAT
  • PRICE EXCLUDES: beverages
  • DURATION: 5 – 7  hours
  • OPERATES: flexible
  • MIN. No. Persons: 2 MAX. No Persons: 7

NOTE: Recommended booking at least a day earlier.


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Pag is an island with most indented coastline on the Adriatic. Because of its naked, rocky slopes it appears to be an extension of Velebit Mountain that stands above it. Pag landscape is very unusual, unlike the other Mediterranean islands, it is not covered with greenery. Due to its extraordinary visage, the surface of island is often compared with the Moon surface. From the southern side island is accessible by bridge from which spreads a stunning view on the island and its surroundings. Pag is the most famous for its gastronomical offer. Although, a lack of fertile soil is more than obvious, hard working Pag`s residents made the island a must-visit gastro destination.

Departure from Zadar, lovely ride towards Pag, short stop at the Pag`s bridge to enjoy the view. During the drive, your guide will inform you about island`s history and cultural inheritance.

Pag is a unique gem of the Croatian Adriatic, its lacework is listed at the UNESCO`s Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Salt has been produced continuously in Pag saltern from Antique Era. Upon the arrival in town follows the sightseeing tour and visit to the Museum of Salt and Museum of Lace. Town`s most beautiful attractions are: Skrivanat Tower from the 15th century, the ruins of City Walls and Church of St. George designed by famous Croatian Renaissance constructer and architect George the Dalmatian.

After the sightseeing we are heading towards the oldest konoba on Pag. Konoba Bile is one of the most famous restaurants on the entire island. Friendly hosts will welcome you there and show you the small secrets of local cuisine. Before the preparation of lunch, you will be served some traditional Dalmatian snack called marenda. You will have the chance to try Dalmatian prosciutto from Pag and  the most famous Pag`s product, high quality hard cheese of special aroma Paški sir.

When finished eating you can start preparing the lunch; fresh organically grown products from Pag will be at your disposal. You will start by preparing the woods for grill, lighting a fire, chopping the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and red onions for salad that you could season with olive oil from Pag`s olive gardens and salt from Pag`s saltern. Have some wine while waiting for the lunch to be done. Enjoy the tastes of Pag on your short gastro journey and discover unique fragrances and flavors of this Dalmatian jewel.