Amazing Plitvice Lakes – Tour from Zadar

Amazing Plitvice Lakes – Tour from Zadar
14/04/2018 Zadar Tours

When visiting Croatia, you cannot miss the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The Park is resplendent in lush forests, clear lakes, and romantic waterfalls, and is considered to be one of the most stunning sights in Croatia.

How do I see it?

The Plitvice Lake’s National Park is located in the Lička Plješivica mountain ranges, and since 1979, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many ways to experience this park; you can trek or hike the mountains, ski down it’s slopes in winter, cycle on the pathways, or even take a casual stroll on the provided footpaths. The National Park even has paths that go over the rivers so you can get the full experience. All of these options are a great way to immerse yourself in all that the Plitvice Lake’s National Park has to offer; however one of the most popular ways to explore the park is by boat.

Boat tours.

By taking a popular boat tour through the park you can relax, enjoy the view, and witness the crystal clear water and stunning waterfalls first hand. Daily tours will generally cost 80 euros per adult, and 30 euros per child (with children under 6 riding for free). This includes the entry ticked to the National park, the boat ride, and a guided tour.

One of the added benefits of the park is that it is beautiful all year round, with vibrant wildlife during spring, and frozen waterfalls over winter. There are many luxury and budget hotels nearby, so you can even take a day trip if you have a busy schedule.

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