Notice of customers written complaints submission


In accordance with Art. 6. para.1. item 3. of the Law of  Providing Tourism Services (NN no. 130/17) and Art. 10 para. 3 of the Consumer Protection (NN, no. 41/14) we hereby inform customers that all complaints about the quality of our services can be submitted in writing within these business premises and will be given confirmed receipt of that complaint in writing without delay. A complaint can also be submitted:

by mail to the following address: TERRA TRAVEL d.o.o., Matije Gupca 2a, 23000 Zadar, CROATIA

or e-mail address:

The receipt of the complaint by the service user will be confirmed in writing without delay.

The answer to a written complaint of consumers we will give in writing no later than 15 days from the receipt of the complaint.